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Who We Are


It is said that 50 years of striving towards perfecting one’s passion marks a golden anniversary.With almost 50 years in the field of engineering consultancy, ECG exemplifies such a brilliant legacy. For years it has remained true to its roots and core values while being at the forefront of innovation and global trends. Nothing demonstrates this better than the fact that the company president personally oversees all our mega-scale projects.

This is no small feat considering that ECG operates in the Middle East, Africa and Europe with a total construction value surpassing US$100 billion; also considering the broad scope of our service portfolio which includes architecture and landscaping, civil, structural and electromechanical services, process and piping, as well as environmental engineering and urban development.

Thanks to our team, which is more than 2,600 people strong, we have been able to achieve such a feat. We take great pride in our team and understand that we can only grow from strength to strength by constantly hiring the best calibers and cultivating their talents and expertise.

This commitment has allowed us to deliver the best quality service at every stage of each project.

Our team of engineers provides feasibility studies, property and site appraisals, design, construction management, procurement, and quality control.

Together, leadership and team, we look forward to engineering a future that defines and inspires the ethos of generations to come.

Our History

The year it all began.

In 1969, Mahmoud Sami Abdelkawi and Ashraf Hassan Allouba founded ECG Engineering Consultants Group as a business partnership.
One of our first consultancy contracts was the US$2.5 million Qena-Safaga Portable Water Pipeline in Egypt in which we provided designs and construction supervision.

ECG debuted abroad, when it won its first cross-border deal to develop the Man-Made River project in Libya worth US$2 billion.

We also scored two momentous contracts for the Greater Cairo Waterworks Master Plan worth US$1 billion and the Port Said Water and WasteWater Master Plan worth US$150 million. Both projects were funded by USAID.

ECG completed a series of groundbreaking wastewater schemes in collaboration with CH2M HILL, Metclaf & Eddy, and ES Parsons.

Those included the water supply for Kafr El Sheikh governorate, the Rod El Farag water treatment plant, and the Alexandria Wastewater Upgrade Program.

ECG went from strength to strength as it changed its legal status from a partnership to a joint stock company.

Soon after, our branch in Abu Dhabi, UAE opened its doors.
To empower our engineers and architects, we also launched the CADD System and our Oracle-based database.

All eyes were on ECG as we won two key airport contracts to execute Terminal 3 at Cairo International Airport and renovate Terminal 1.

Our wide range of capabilities was put to the test once more when we secured the contract for the Attaqa Thermal Power Plant, our first project in the power sector.

ECG became a force to reckon with,

transforming the engineering landscape one year at a time. After establishing our Union Association to acquire company stock, we opened our branches in Dubai, Qatar and Sudan.

Amongst our most significant accomplishments was the US$1 billion ElKuraimat New Combined Cycle power plant, and winning the state-sponsored worldwide competition to develop Smart Village, Egypt’s state-of-the-art communications and information technology business hub.

The regional real estate boom was upon us and we were very much part of it.

We developed Burj Al Alam and OQYANA in Dubai, as well as Al Wa’ab City in Doha. The regional real estate boom was upon us and we were very much part of it. We developed Burj Al Alam and OQYANA in Dubai, as well as Al Wa’ab City in Doha.
However, it is Egypt that had the lion’s share, with mega-projects such as Madinaty, Garden Heights, Cairo Festival City and Marassi

This was an important year for us on the national front.

In 2009 our Smart Village branch office was officially inaugurated, signaling our intention to sustain further developments in Egypt.

Those were an incredible four years for ECG with expansions across Africa, Asia and Europe.

We opened branches in Assiut (Egypt), Libya, Tanzania, Uganda, Kurdistan-Iraq, Kuwait, Al Ain (UAE), Saudi Arabia and France.
We also secured some very high profile clients around the world. In Egypt, we scored Terminal 2 and Le Meridien Hotel at Cairo International Airport, St. Regis Hotel, Mall of Arabia, and Porto October, in Morocco we landed Porto Agadir, in Qatar, the Qatar Naval Base and Doha Island Resort, and in

Our values

Our Mission

ECG is a world-class engineering consultancy company that delivers the full range of engineering and architectural design services with the aim of moving the global landscape into the future.

Our Vision

ECG aspires to be in a leading global market position through upholding top ethical standards, promoting first-rate quality, and building worldwide corporate alliances.

Our Values

Just like every tall tree has deep roots in the earth, every superstructure has a solid foundation in the ground. At ECG, we fully understand that our remarkable growth is widely attributed to staying connected to our core values.

That is why we vow to always:

Respect the Environment

Through our green engineering systems that are designed to integrate favorably with nature whilst fulfilling our obligations towards our clients.

Strive for Excellence

Through state-of-the-art technologies, the best quality assurance systems, and a pool of outstanding professionals.

Fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility

Through remaining committed to the growth and development of local and global communities.

Cultivate our Team

Through encouraging transparency, trust, teamwork, and a corporate culture of diversity.

Promote Sustainability

Through safeguarding the short and long-term welfare of our company, clients, and the world we live in.

Uphold our Ethical Code

Through ingraining our ethos in every professional act and business transaction and holding staff members morally accountable for their conduct.


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