Misr Elhegaz group

Who We Are

Misr Elhegaz group is considered the oldest and largest leading plastics manufacturer in Middle East and Africa. The group was established in 1982 to meet the increased demand of high quality plastic products in both local and regional markets.

Since that time the group is expanding its factories to cover different applications of plastics industries, moreover Misr ElHegaz Group is one of the pioneers in producing the raw materials used in plastic production.

Misr Elhegaz group currently owns 13 factories in more than 200000 SQM located in 10th of Ramadan industrial area in Egypt.

Chairman Massage

Misr El-Hegaz Group established in 1982 and continued to develop until it became one of the largest plastic manufacturers in Egypt and the Middle East.

Our products distinguished with high quality by using the best raw materials and the most advanced technologies for the sake of our customer satisfaction.

Our aim not just to satisfy our customers, but also to exceed their expectations by offering high-end products and to guarantee premium aftersales service. We also believe in team working, continuous development, and we always strive to the best.

Dr. Mohamed Helmy 

Our values

Our Vision
To continue our pioneering role as the largest plastic manufacturer in MEA region.
Our Approach
Leading the Egyptian plastic industry to compete strongly in regional and international markets by offering premium-quality finished goods and raw materials.
Our Methodology
Quality is our top priority, therefore we own a large number of laboratories to insure that all our products are well tested according to a strict quality control system designed to match global quality standards and regulations.
All factories are equipped with the latest German technologies and machinery served by professional team to guarantee producing the highest level of high-quality products to our valuable customers.

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