Saleh & Hegab Intgrated Engineering Economical Consultancy

Who We Are

Expertise House – “Saleh & Hegab”

Architects – Engineers – Economic Studies

More than four decades of Experience, Efficiency & Devotion providing our Integrated Engineering & Economic Consultancy’s Complete Solutions during which we have proudly contributed -in cooperation with more than 70 Consultancy Firms & Companies in more than 20 countries- in the Economic & Social Development of over 23 Countries around the world through our Professional Technical & Administrative team in All Arenas as well as our Consultants in their areas of Specialization.

Our values


Our Vision

To be the Best Expertise House in providing Integrated Engineering & Economic Consultancy Services to All our Customers in Egypt, Middle East & Africa.

Our Mission

To Affirm our Commitment providing our Integrated Engineering & Economic Consultancy relying on the Expertise, Skills & Competencies of our team to continuously develop & improve services standards and business activities in all Sectors & Disciplines and hence ensure giving the Highest Quality Service to All our Customers.

Our Values

  • Quality

  • Integrity

  • Efficiency

  • Team Spirit

  • Commitment

  • Continuous Progress


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