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Posted on 2021-08-31 08:29:33
Siemens Energy develops green hydrogen industry in Egypt
Siemens Energy develops green hydrogen industry in Egypt   Siemens Energy and the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company inked a memorandum of understanding to build a hydrogen-based sector with the capacity to export to other nations in the future. Egyptian Prime Minister Adly Mansour Madbouly and Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker. Siemens Gamesa owns a 67 percent share in Siemens Energy, which was founded by the Siemens Group's old gas and electricity division. The firm offers cutting-edge technology such as renewable energy, hydrogen generation, and logistics, as well as financial and technical support. The latest agreement is based on a letter of intent signed in January by Siemens Energy and the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, which lays the groundwork for long-term cooperation in Egypt to expand the hydrogen-based industry. Siemens Energy and Power Holdings will encourage investment, technology transfer, and project implementation. Egypt's hydrogen production is reliant on renewable energy. Siemens Energy and EEHC will continue to develop a pilot project with 100-200 megawatts of electrolyzer capacity as part of the first steps, Siemens Energy said, which will help drive early technology deployment, create a partner landscape, and establish and test the regulatory and certification environment. Purchase and identification of logistical concepts as soon as possible.
Posted on 2021-08-24 09:53:59
Egypt strengthens its presence in the green hydrogen market with a new investment
Man and Taqa, have teamed together for a green hydrogen pilot project in Egypt. Egypt's green hydrogen development is being reported on. Two private businesses have chosen to collaborate on a pilot initiative to develop this alternative energy. Man Energy Solutions is a company that specialises in the manufacture of diesel engines and heavy-duty turbo gear. The Augsburg-based firm will collaborate with Taqa Power, a Cairo-based affiliate of the Taqa Arabia Group. Man Energy Solutions will supply technical information to Taqa Power on the utilisation of electrolysis for a hydrogen plant solution as part of the cooperation. The process of transforming electrical energy into chemical energy, especially hydrogen, is known as electrolysis. The manufacture of green hydrogen is thus enabled by the transformation of clean electricity. "This is an intriguing project with a valuable partner in a country that recognises the critical role of green hydrogen in the transition to a global economy that is climate neutral. It's also a great chance for Man Energy Solutions to show off its knowledge at every level of the hydrogen economy's evolution. Ghassan Saab, Head of Energy Business at Man Energy Solutions, says, "We look forward to working closely with Taqa Power to develop the ideal solution that will enable them to position themselves strongly in what will be one of the most important markets of the future." Said by Taqa team.
Posted on 2021-08-24 09:43:08
Brimore Inc. received $3.5 million in funding
Brimore, an Egyptian social commerce network, has raised $3.5 million in funding. Pre-Series A is designed to bring producers and customers together.   Brimore, a Cairo-based social commerce network, said today that it has secured $3.5 million in a Pre-Series A round headed by Algebra Ventures, with participation from Disruptech, Vision Ventures, and existing investors 500 Startups and Flat6Labs. Almost a year ago, the business raised $800,000 in a seed fundraising round headed by Algebra Ventures and Endure Capital. Brimore, founded in 2017 by Mohamed Abdulaziz, Ahmed Sheikha, and Mahmoud Refaay, provides nationwide distribution to small and medium-sized manufacturers in Egypt through its huge network of individuals (freelancers) who sell and recruit others to sell consumer items in their local communities. Hundreds of SMEs are said to be using the platform, which incorporates supply chain and payment features, to offer thousands of products such as packaged meals, personal care, and household goods. Brimore stated in a statement that it has helped tens of thousands of social sellers start and build their businesses with no initial capital in all 27 governorates across Egypt. According to the firm, its usual sellers are women who earn hundreds of dollars per month and reach over a million people. “I'm proud of the trust our investors are exhibiting in Brimore,” Mohamed Abdulaziz, co-founder and CEO of Brimore, remarked on the occasion. In such a difficult period, we continue to provide unique chances to our micro-distributors and suppliers. Our growth approach was founded on excellent fundamentals and robust unit economics, allowing us to maintain a 10X year-over-year growth rate despite a number of hurdles, including the Covid-19 pandemic.”
Posted on 2021-08-10 13:01:40
Egypt builds a huge treatment plant to solve the Giza water crisis
Egypt builds a huge treatment plant to solve the Giza water crisis The Egyptian government has announced the construction of a large water station known as "Dahab Island" in the hopes of alleviating the drinking water crisis in Giza Governorate. After pilot tests, Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, announced that Dahab Island will be operational in its second phase, with a production capacity of 160,000 metres per day. Rasheed stated that operating the plant in its two phases will greatly ease water pressure and availability concerns impacting some districts in Giza. The first phase was finished and started in 2019. The expansions to the Dahab Island plant will cost EGP 640 million in total. The water is purified at the Dahab Island treatment plant utilising sophisticated DynaSand technology, which filters water constantly via sand. In Egypt, fast sand filtration is used in the majority of water treatment plants. Egypt has 146 sewage treatment plants with a total daily capacity of five million cubic metres, with a total cost of 29.5 billion pounds and a cost of 10,000 pounds to treat a cubic metre of water, according to the official. Two more stations are being developed by the Ministry. Bahr al-Baqar is one of them, with a daily capacity equal to the sum of its 146 predecessors. In January 2020, Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala al-Saeed announced the allocation of 236 million pounds to provide electric power to the sewage treatment plant in Bahr al-Baqar.
Posted on 2021-08-04 13:35:58
Japan's contribution to the development of Abu Al-Rish Hospital | constguide.com
Egypt received a 19-million-dollar contribution from Japan for Abu Al-Rish Hospital. Rania Al-Mashat, Egypt's Minister of International Cooperation, and Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Egypt's Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, signed an agreement with the Japanese Embassy and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to increase JICA's grant for the construction of Abu Al-Rish Children's Hospital's new outpatient clinic building to $19 million. Japanese Ambassador Noki Masaki and personnel from the JICA office in Cairo were present during the signing. Al-Mashat lauded Egyptian-Japanese relations on the level of international cooperation and development financing, which has contributed over $28 million to the health sector since 2020, according to his address.   A $9 million grant for medical equipment to battle the coronavirus pandemic is included in the aforementioned number, as is a $19 million grant for the hospital structure. Al-Mashat emphasised the significance of Abul-Rish Hospital, which sees over 25,000 patients each month. Despite the pandemic, Al-Mashat said that Japan and Egypt have reached a number of important agreements outside of the health sector, including a $236 million development financing agreement for the energy sector, and that her ministry is working to strengthen economic ties between Egypt and its development partners to help the country achieve its development goals. Taking steps toward reaching the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Abdul Ghaffar, for his part, hailed the Japanese government and JICA for their support of the hospital, noting that the grant will help fund the construction of the outpatient clinic facility, medical gadgets and equipment, and training programmes for the hospital's nurses and doctors.   Increased funding for the hospital project will help to alleviate overcrowding and waiting lists, according to Abdel Ghaffar, who also expressed the Egyptian government's desire to improve health services and learn from Japanese experiences in the field.
Posted on 2021-07-18 19:51:03
International Trade Expo (ITE) announces the launch of the fourth edition of the exhibition LED Middle East Expo
International Trade Expo (ITE) announces the launch of the fourth edition of the exhibition LED Middle East Expo The Fourth International Exhibition of LED Technology, Modern Lighting Systems, Decorative Lighting and Electronic Components from August 26-28 At the Cairo International Convention Center - Nasr City The fourth session of the International Exhibition of LED Technology, Modern Lighting Systems, Decorative Lighting and Electronic Components will be launched from August 26-28, God willing. LED MIDDLE EAST EXPO2021 The only exhibition in Egypt and the Middle East specialized in the field of LED technology, modern and decorative lighting systems, electronic components and production lines. After the great success achieved in the third session of the exhibition, with the participation of 125 national and foreign companies working in the fields of manufacturing the latest lighting technology systems of all kinds, in addition to energy-saving lighting systems, solar lighting systems, electronic components and other indoor and outdoor lighting systems, screens and LED lighting systems that serve the fields of advertising. and advertising Where the number of visitors reached 17,000 thousand specialized visitors over 3 days from Egypt, Arab, African and foreign countries The exhibition coincides with the state's tendency to replace the current lighting and lighting systems with new energy-saving systems, which limits harmful emissions to the environment, in addition to limiting the import of energy derivatives needed to operate power stations, in order to save billions of dollars of hard currency and pump it into other tracks in support of the national economy, in addition to synchronizing the exhibition. With the state's economic development plan, as energy consumption has developed significantly during the past five years, raising efficiency and rationalizing energy consumption has become an imperative to confront  The increasing demand for it and its positive reflection towards improving the environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions necessitates a reduction in fuel consumption in power plants Thermal energy, as the state launched a national plan to improve energy efficiency in Egypt, in order to achieve an expected saving of up to 5% of the average consumption during the five years The latest in some sectors (domestic - public lighting - drinking stations - sewage ... and other sectors Mr. Hesham Rushdy - Managing Director of the organizing company stated that we have succeeded in bringing major foreign companies working in the components of modern lighting systems and electronic components (70 specialized companies) to serve the Egyptian factories, which contributes to accelerating the deepening of this industry in Egypt in support of the state's tendency to rationalize energy consumption And the generalization of the use of saving lighting systems in all parts of Egypt. where it comes from The early start of marketing the exhibition in its next session in response to the desire of companies to participate in the fourth session of the exhibition for the possibility of reserving distinguished places after the great success achieved in the third session, where the companies that participated in the last session of the exhibition took the initiative to reserve their places early and it is expected that they will participate in the fourth session of the exhibition a lot One of the new companies that were not able to participate in the non-completion of the opening of new factories, which are expected to invade the Egyptian market with their products in 2021, where the exhibition is marketed through our agents in Arab, foreign and African countries, and we have received very positive responses stating the desire of many foreign companies Participation in the exhibition due to the importance of the Egyptian market in this field and the distinguished position that Egypt enjoys and its openness to African markets, especially after the suspension of exhibition activities internationally after the Corona pandemic, which spread early last year Exhibition areas  All LED systems, applications, components, lighting and lighting requirements of all kinds, electronic display screens, solar lighting systems, electronic components and production lines .... Sponsored by major national and Arab companies working in the field of lighting technology, rationalization and energy saving systems UAE Qassem Al-Khalid Group (Kounis) (Main Sponsor) Fiona Electrical Industries - Port Said (founding sponsor) Company - SMART CHINA SKD (Platinum Sponsor) United United (Platinum sponsor) Fotina - Egypt (Platinum sponsor) (Tesla - Trust Overseas Group) (Gold Sponsor) Just for LED Company (golden sponsor) Sega M Company (Golden Sponsor) Fabi Company - China (golden sponsor)  Participation in specialized official magazines, including: Constguide  Fuzed Magazine Yellow Media Electricity Market Magazine Electricity and Energy Markets Magazine Electricity World Magazine Encyclopedia of Egyptian Industries - Magdy Amer For more information and to subscribe WWW.LEDMIDDLEEAST-EXPO.COM Face book page (LED MIDDLE EAST EXPO) 01001645408
Posted on 2021-07-15 13:56:41
Dubai extinguishes a ship fire in Jebel Ali Port | Breaking News constguide.com
  A fire on board a ship in Dubai's Jebel Ali port was put out on Thursday after it broke out during the night as a result of an explosion in a container, according to the Dubai Media Office (DMO). Mona Al Marri, Director General of the Dubai Media Office (DMO), told Al Arabiya TV that the fire occurred in the Middle East's largest shipping centre as a result of a crate explosion. There were no casualties, according to the DMO Ship Management Office, and port authorities had taken steps to ensure that normal shipping was not disrupted. According to Al Arabiya, authorities in Dubai, a major economic hub and one of the United Arab Emirates' seven emirates, stated the explosion was caused by "friction or high temperatures" during the hot summer months. The explosion was heard in residential areas 22 kilometres from Jebel Ali. Overnight, the DMO published footage of water being pumped to put out the flames, and Reuters witnesses said that the vehicles involved in port activities continued in and out of the port while civil defence vehicles arrived to deal with the fire. DMO did not identify the ship in question but said it had the capacity to carry 130 containers and added that the ship was preparing to dock on a berth away from the port's main shipping line, and officials told Al Arabiya that the crew had been evacuated. State-run DP World, owner of Jebel Ali Port which handled 13.5 million containers in 2020, had no immediate comment when contacted by Reuters