Concealed Fan-Coil Units

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Concealed Fan-Coil Units Concealed Fan-Coil Units


Concealed Fan-Coil Units

A fan-coil unit is a terminal device of a central air conditioning system. It is basically a fluid-to-air heat exchanger apparatus that provides the functions of cooling and/or heating air using hot or chilled water, with airflow to the room ensured by one or more electrically driven fans.

DCM™ fan-coil units are the best solution when individual room control, quiet operation, easy installation and maintenance, high efficiency, and reliability are required.

DCM™ fan-coil units are manufactured with heavy gauge galvanized steel sheets with a thickness of 1.25 mm casing, a heat exchanger with hydrophilic precoated fins, and a CE-certified electric motor to cover a wide range of cooling loads starting from 11,202 Btu/hr up to 251,500 Btu/hr.