EUCOBET SUPER is superplasticiser and a highly effective water reducing agent.

It has a dual action that promotes high workability concrete as well as  the reduction of mixing water.This plasticiser is based on selected ligno-sulphonates .

Main Purpose      

As a super plasticiser it is used to flow concrete in :

  • Floor slabs, roof-decks, foundations and pavements. (rapid placing without vibration.)
  • It  helps in Rapid pumping of concrete (high flow ability)
  • It facilitates Pouring concrete in areas with heavy reinforcement
  • and in  poorly accessible areas ( Bridges) .


  • -It increases workability without increasing water.
  • -It accelerates hardening after setting.
  • -It provides concrete the capability to flow readily without segregation.
  • -It leads to a significant increase of ultimate strength.
  • -Self compacting concrete so we can place it with minimum effort .
  • -We can place concrete rapidly without vibration
  • -The EUCOBET SUPER  reduces creep and shrinkage .
  • -EUCOBET SUPER decreases pumping pressure .
  • -Flowing concrete reduces pouring and its cost.
  •  -It is chloride - free .


  • Complies with BS 5057 1/1974
  • ASTM C-494 types A and F .
  • DIN and SIA Standards .


The optimum dosage should be determined by site or laboratory tests with the particular concrete mix .The rate of addition is generally in the range of :


20 kg, 200 kg drums


  • Appearance     :                        liquid
  • Specific gravity      :                  1.2
  • Chloride content     :                  nil
  • Air entraining                           less than 2% air is
  • entrained at        :normal dosage rate
  • Compatibility with cement   :    all types of Portland cement
  • Shelf life    :                               up to 2 years
  • Colour      :                                 Brown


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