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Who We Are

CHINT-EGEMAC (CHINT and EGEMAC JV) was founded in Jan 2017 between a global Chinese electrics' enterprise CHINT and an Egyptian state-owned enterprise EGEMAC. CHINT-EGEMAC started operation since January 1st 2017, when we successfully developed a lot of our products according to the local market requirements like the LPK (Which is used in the kiosk), NXP(SDB) and the MDB. Also, we applied the NGC8 localization concept in Egypt. CHINT-EGEMAC has an ISO certificate (ISO 9001) in 2018. CHINT-EGEMAC is committed to doing business not only in the Egyptian market but also extending to whole Africa and the middle east market like Jordan, Algeria, UAE, Kenya etc.... Founders: 51% CHINT company 49% EGEAMC Company Our vision is to be world class provider in power systems. Our mission is to meet customer's expectations by providing satisfaction through high quality, excellent service, on time delivery, competitive cost and continuous product improvement. We also operate while minimizing environmental impact. What we want to provide is not only our products, but also our sincerity.

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