Hassan Rashdan Architects

Who We Are

Hassan Rashdan Architects is an award winning organization practicing Architecture, Urbanism, and Real Estate Development. Founded in 1976 by Architect Hassan Rashdan, C.A.C.O. gained prominence as one of the leading design practices in Egypt and the Middle East. For nearly two decades its projects reaped praise which in turn led to the formation of A.C.C. & B.C.C. practices. These organizations focus on mega project consultancy, design, execution, and development. Architect Hassan Rashdan was given the Consultant Architect degree in 1992 and the General Consultant degree in 1995. Since then, projects have expanded from Egypt to the Middle East, Europe, and the United States ranging through all sectors of Architecture. In continuation to a four decade legacy, Hassan Rashdan Architects acquire a team of academic and practical experience from Europe and the United States to always be in touch with the latest and most advanced methods of Architecture. Consultant Architect Hassan Rashdan Board Chairman

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