Who We Are


A trusted and respected name within the Egyptian contracting and construction industries, SHS prides itself with over 80 years of experience in delivering top-quality services in the Egyptian market.

1934 : Saad Hanna Sons group was established.

1941 : Located in the heart of Cairo, Mr. Hanna Michael who strove to develop Egyptian infrastructure through modernising contracting and trading activity in the capital and rural areas.

1952 : Mr Saad Hanna took over leadership of the growing company in the early 50’s and lead the increase in the scale and size of the projects SHS was involved in, especially in the specialisations of irrigation and water network projects.

1982 : The company was named Saad Hanna Sons as a tribute to Mr Saad Hanna, who passed away in 1982. 

1990 : SHS proceeded with executing large-scale public utility projects as well as private projects, especially residential real estate and touristic hotels and resorts, which boomed in the 80’s and 90’s.

2009 : In the decades since, SHS has continued work with public and private sector companies as well as working with international development organisations which lead massive infrastructure and irrigation projects according to international standards, including US, Dutch and Finnish aid.

Our values


To lead by example in the North African region by respecting our commitment to deliver the highest quality of work to our clients at a fair price. We at SHS imagine a construction industry that succeeds while contributing significantly to local community development and is constantly trying to minimize its environmental footprint.

OUR Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the development of our country and its people by delivering top quality products and construction services to the Egyptian market. SHS has constantly gained clients’ trust and respect because our primary objective is always customer satisfaction.


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