Aluminum Shower Cabins


Shower with pleasure

In addition to its usual role, the bathroom is a special place that further adds to your lifestyle. Some prefer elegance, others modern design while others focus on functionality. Madar Egypt shower cabin is designed to meet multiple needs and have attractive designs.

Why Madar Egypt shower cabins?

  • Tailor-made

No matter how your bathtub is designed, there is a Madar Egypt shower cabin that fits it.
With the variety of bathtub designs, it has become necessary to have a shower cabin that matches the variety. So we tailor our Madar Egypt shower cabins to fit all dimensions, and shapes.

  • Modern colors and shapes

Add beauty to your bathroom.
You can choose the colors and shapes that complement the decor and design of your bathroom.

  • Easily installed

Our shower cabins can be easily installed at homes, offices, gyms, factories, trailers, and almost anywhere.

  • Impressive Performance

The cabin is designed to be waterproof and keeps warmth in.

  • Accessories and spare parts are readily available

Types of shower cabins

  1. Aluminum and Tempered Glass Cabins: Beautiful tempered glass available in a variety of colors and patterns and in custom sizes.
  2. Aluminum and Polystyrene Shower Cabins: A variety of high quality creative designs with Polystyrene is available.

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