Building Wires-THHN / THWN | 600V

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Building Wires-THHN / THWN | 600V Building Wires-THHN / THWN | 600V


Building Wires-THHN / THWN | 600V

Wide range of high-quality electrical building wires... manufactured, designed, and tested according to International, British and American standards.

Used in construction, commercial, industrial, residential, and oil & gas projects, as branch circuits for wiring, lighting, and earthing.


According to American standards, UL 83 & UL 1581


19 wire combination of round unlay stranded conductor provides more flexibility and optimal shape with less diameter.


Thermoplastic PVC insulation is suitable for 105 & 90 ºC dry and 75 ºC wet locations. Wires are complying with vertical flame test requirements VW-1.


Polyamide Nylon over the PVC insulation provides excellent protection against scratch, abrasion, and resistance to oil and gasoline.

Special Requirement:

UL LISTED upon request

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