Fosroc Auracast 200


Main uses

Fosroc Auracast 200 has been specifically developed for the precast concrete industry coupling superior high range water reducing capabilities and excellent dispersion levels with robust performance.

Fosroc Auracast 200 is ideal for use in precast concrete where the desire to maximise the performance of the concrete in the plastic and hardened state is preeminent.

  • Competitive cost in use coupled with best in class performance
  • Fosroc Auracast 200 used in the production of “Fosroc’s Gold Standard” Self Compacting Concrete (SCC), super workable flowing concrete and high workability concrete displays improved consistency which requires little or no vibration.
  • Increased strength facilitates earlier striking of formwork, lifting of precast elements and further cement reductions. This enables the producer to increase efficiency and reduce overall energy input.
  • Fosroc Auracast 200 produces concrete of an extremely high fluidity. This enables floating and finishing to be made easier and less labour intensive.
  • High early age strength development improves productivity, earlier transfer of pre-stress and negates the requirement for accelerating admixtures during cold weather.
  • Improved rheology of concrete provides a blemish free surface finish which requires less remedial work (dressing).
  • Robust performance accommodating different cement source and types.
  • Low water to cement ratios provide long term durability, low permeability and improves resistance to sulphate attack.
  • Chloride free. Ideal for concrete containing embedded steel.


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