System pro E power Rear Busbar System

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System pro E power Rear Busbar System System pro E power Rear Busbar System


System pro E power Rear Busbar System
The ABB range of metal enclosures for main distribution is now enhanced with the new System pro E power Rear Busbar System. The modular and scalable design, the advanced portfolio and the electrical and mechanical features make System Pro E Power Rear Busbar System a compact-high performance solution for premium applications. The columns have a functional external height of 2200 mm and an external depth of 600, 800, and 1000 mm. Different widths can be selected depending on the device type and quantity.

Available as kit or pre-assembled in the factory.

Reliable in extreme conditions

• Design verified according to IEC 61439-1 and -2
• Thanks to the tests performed on the product, the switchgear can stand a rated short-time withstand current (Icw) up to 150 kA and a Maximum rated current up to 6300A.

Speed up your projects 

• Available as fully assembled, pre-assembled without copper bars and in flatpack delivery forms.
• Different types of installation technique (fixed, plug-in, removable and withdrawable) and wide range of section portfolio.
• Design your project in ABB Connect Partner Hub Switchgear configurator.
• All the drawings for the copper connections are available on ABB Library for registered partners.

 Space saving

• Section dimensions optimized to fit ABB Emax2 and Tmax T/XT
• Combine Slimline XR switch disconnector fusegears and Tmax T/XT in Xline section
• Combine multiple feeds in fixed technique in Inline II section
• CombiLine N modules available for small currents applications

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