Wadi El Nile Cement


Wadi El Nile Cement

Wadi El Nile Cement CEMI (42.5 N) is a Portland cement used in all regular uses also suits all utilizations according to the soil nature launched for the first time in all of the Egyptian markets on December 6 ,2018 according to the international specifications:

  • Egyptian (ES 4756-1 / 2013)
  • BS European (EN 197-1 / 2011)


All concrete construction works such as:

  • Solid Concrete for all bridges and establishments
  • Concrete Piles and its types
  • Concrete Tunnels
  • Concrete Roads
  • Concrete Pipes for Water
  • Manufacture of Concrete Pipes and Steel Pipe Lining

Other Wadi El Nile Cement products