Technical Office Engineer

ECG-Engineering Consultants Group Egypt
Posted at 2020 07 24
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Job Description

Technical Office Engineer (7 to 15 years’ experience):
a)      For Technical Office Structural / Civil Engineer: Infrastructure Utilities Networks, Roads & Highways, Concrete Piles, Geotechnical, Tunnels, Bridges, High Rise Buildings & Towers, or Steel Structure; prior experience is recommended.
b)      For Technical Office Architect: High Rise Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, or Compounds; prior experience is recommended.
c)       For Technical Office Mechanical/HVAC Engineer: Tunnels, Plumbing, Piping, Infrastructure Utilities Networks, or HVAC Works; prior experience is recommended.
d)      For Technical Office Electrical/Light Current Engineer: Tunnels, Power Stations, Transmission Lines or Infrastructure Utilities Networks.

  •  Prior experience is recommended.
  •  Light Current, Signaling and Telecommunication experience is a plus