Central Air-handling unit

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Central Air-handling unit Central Air-handling unit


An air-handling unit is the main device of the central air conditioning system. It is basically a fluid-to-air heat exchanger apparatus that provides the functions of cooling and/or heating air using hot or chilled water, with airflow into the ducts to a large area ensured by an electrically driven fan.

DCM™ air-handling units are specially designed to meet the different requirements of today's weather accompanied by superior energy-saving capabilities. Thanks to the new trends in sealing technology that enabled us to provide air-tight assembly, with near-zero airflow by-pass around the filters and other components. The treated air losses are always kept to a minimum to guarantee the best usage of the consumed energy.

DCM™ air-handling units are assembled from the finest materials to ensure a long lifetime with minimal troubles under different operating conditions, lots of care has been given to the selection of the different components and materials to make the operation and maintenance of such units a mere fun for the end-user.